CSC Academy Registration 2022

CSC Registration

CSC Academy Registration 2022: This CSC Academy is run by the Common Service Center operator, through which the Common Service Center operator can provide many types of digital courses to the people in his rural and urban areas as you know that the dream of Digital India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is possible to complete it as soon as possible and this thing helps a lot for people to establish self-employment,

if you also want to open CSC Academy and want to earn from it, then we are going to tell you the complete information here below. Read the given article carefully.

What is CSC Academy


CSC Academy is a place where many types of courses are conducted for the students, this training is also given to CSC VLEs by CSC Academy.

Training centers have also been started nearby, where students are provided various types of computer courses, along with digital literacy BCC course, cyber security course, 3D printing course, and many other types of courses are available here.

CSC Academy Course List

  1. BCC Course
  2. AWS Educate
  3. Digital Literacy
  4. Cyber ​​Security
  5. Vidya HUB
  6. Career Guidance Creative
  7. 3D Printing
  8. Kutuki Course
  9. Toppr
  10. Resonance
  11. Olympiad
  12. Adda247
  13. Digipaathshala Courses
  14. IIT Bombay
  15. Bhu Kaushal
  16. IBM Skill Build
  17. Vedic Maths
  18. Amity Online
  19. Infosys Springboard LMS
  20. Symbiosis Management

ACSC Academy Student CSC Registration Document Required


If a student is being CSC Registered at CSC Academy, then the following documents will be required for that.

  • Aadhar Card
  • High School Inter Marksheet
  • passport size photo
  • mobile number
  • Email ID

9 Interesting Facts About Indira Gandhi


Indira Gandhi

9 Interesting Facts About Indira Gandhi: Indira Gandhi was known in many forms throughout her life. The Iron Lady of India during the 70s, the only woman Prime Minister,

the soul of Congress. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru and remains one of the most memorable names in Indian history to build on her legacy. Although these are commonly known facts about Indira Gandhi. But we uncovered some more interesting things to help you understand his personality and his skills as a renowned politician.



  1. He did PM Worked as PA in the office of-

He was a young adult when his father, Jawaharlal Nehru, took office, although Nehru chose Indira as his first personal assistant, thanks to her bright character and intelligence. From there she went on to learn the art of statecraft from one of the best hands.



  1. Former PM day-

Before taking up the role of Prime Minister, he served as a Minister in the Department of Information and Broadcasting. This happened for a brief period during the cabinet of LK Advani.

  1. Gandhi Story-

People have always mistaken Indira Gandhi for being related to the family of Mahatma Gandhi. Although the Nehru family was always closely related to the family of Mahatma Gandhi. But Indira did not get this name from him. Her husband, Feroze Gandhi, did not belong to the famous Gandhi family.

  1. His feud with Richard Nixon-

During his tenure, US President Richard Nixon called Indira Gandhi an “old witch” after she decided to sign a deal with the Soviet Union. This was during an era of high tensions and side-picking between India and Pakistan. Nixon wanted Pakistan to get the support of America so he chose his international enemies as his allies.

  1. President’s friend-

Indira maintained friendly relations with the President of the United States of America, Linda Johnson, who frequently visited her and attended dinners hosted by her. Woman power brings us all together. Am I right?

  1. They burnt the British doll

From an early age, he had learned to boycott British goods. Because he realized that accepting those goods strengthens the British economy

  1. He conducted the first nuclear test

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Indira Gandhi was a visionary in various fields.

  1. His party

While everyone knew Indira Gandhi as the face of the Indian National Congress, she broke away from the Indian National Congress in 1978 to form her party. It was called Congress Eye, for which she became infamous. She emerged victorious in the 1980 Lok Sabha elections but was severely criticized after it ended.

  1. Death

His samadhi is in Delhi’s Raj Ghat.




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