Sirsa To Delhi and Bus Haryana Roadways Times


Haryana Roadways Times

Haryana Roadways Times

The Rohtak To sirsa Bus Time Table From Rohtak To sirsa,

Haryana Roadways Bus  Time Table schedule below,

Haryana Roadways Rohtak to Sirsa

1.00.40 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
2.01.05 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
3.04.50 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
4.05.15 hrsDelhi-GanganagarHisarRajasthan
5.07.00 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
6.07.49 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
7.08.09 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
8.08.21 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
9.08.59 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
10.09.50 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
11.09.56 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
12.10.35 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
13.11.31 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
14.11.53 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
16.12.49 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
17.13.05 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
18.13.38 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
19.14.36 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
20.15.44 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
21.16.30 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
22.16.50 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
23.18.00 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
24.18.35 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
25.19.25 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
26.20.05 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
27.20.25 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
28.20.45 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana
29.23.45 hrsDelhi-SirsaRohtak, HisarHaryana


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Ram Navami

Ram Navami celebrated 2022

Ram Navami celebrated 2022: Bring these 5 things home in Triveni Yoga being made on Ram Navami, the reserves of wealth will be filled


This year on Ramnavami, there will be a 24-hour Ravi Pushya Yoga which will start from sunrise on Sunday, 10th April till sunrise the next day.


This time on Ram Navami, Triveni Sanyog is being formed with the creation of Ravi Pushya Yoga, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga, and Ravi Yoga. This year on Ramnavami, there will be a 24-hour Ravi Pushya Yoga, which will start from sunrise on Sunday, April 10, and last till sunrise the next day. Investing in property or buying new things is considered very auspicious during this period. Let us know that it would be good for you to purchase and bring home things in Triveni Yoga being made on Ramnavami.


Ram Navami Silver Elephant


Bring home a tiny silver elephant in Triveni Yoga being made on Ramnavami. Due to this, the bad effect of Rahu and Ketu ends, as well as the person’s job-business progresses. Keeping an elephant keeps peace and happiness and prosperity in the house.

Brass or Bronze Turtle Ram Navami


Bringing earthen or wooden turtles into the house is not auspicious. You can bring a tortoise made of silver or a bronze medal. Keeping it in the north direction eliminates negative energy and brings happiness and prosperity to the house.

Ram Navami

Gomti Chakra Ram Navami


The Gomti Chakra, which looks like an ordinary stone, is miraculous. It is called Gomti Chakra because it meets the Gomti river.


Coconut Ram Navami


You can bring a small coconut home and keep it in the vault or temple. There are many other uses of a small coconut. If it is kept in the house, wealth and prosperity remain intact.




Keeping the picture of Swastik in the house fulfills every wish. In the Puranas, Swastika is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganapati.



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