New Zealand Vs the Netherlands


New Zealand and Netherlands ODI series

New Zealand Vs Netherlands ODI series 2022:The cap ends proceedings for this match and series. A one-sided result, as expected, but if you followed it closely,

there were moments when the Dutch team ran close to the Kiwis. This is a good learning tour for them as they sign on. The time has come for us to bid you farewell. You can keep checking the fixtures page for all the upcoming games. Until we meet again, it’s goodbye and cheers.

Ross the Boss will be missed!


What a champion player and what a career! With his retirement, the golden era of New Zealand cricket came to an end. A few months back we saw his last match in Test cricket and here he is, putting a full stop to his international career. Certainly, one of the icons of Kiwi cricket who played a big part both as a leader and in the supporting cast to lift the fortunes of the Black Caps. If the renaissance of New Zealand cricket is to be credited to Brendon McCullum, one must remember Taylor’s contribution as the captain of the ship and the team’s star batsman, whose career almost flew under the radar. To build a 16-year career in this day and age, to maintain fitness and play consistently well at the top of your power – you need stamina, tenacity, courage, gumption, will, and character, and Robbery Ross Potoa Lotte Taylor had all those properties in bulk. Pallekel Plunderer says goodbye to this game and all we have is praise and grattude. Thanks for all the memories and those tongue-twisting festivitiesRoss Taylor, Man of the Moment, speaks for the last time as a New Zealand cricketer. He appreciates all those who have contributed to his career. The Dutch admire the team and hope they play many more games against the bigger teams and get better. A special mention from him to the manager of the New Zealand team who is looking forward and wishes them all the best for their future. Rosco thanks his teammates and says that he will be watching from afar how they will develop and will miss them all. He thanks his wife, parents, family, and friends. Calls it a wonderful 16 years and shares that it has had a huge impact on him both as a cricketer and as a person. In the end, an emotional Ross Taylor thanked the crowd for coming out in large numbers for the game.

New Zealand’s winning captain


Tom Latham says it is good to end the series with a win. It is said that building partnership was important in this match. Admit that with the ball, he was not at his best, but he got the job done. It is further said that the Dutch team put pressure on him on several occasions in this series and he came out of it very well. Adds that they will learn more positively from those games. Latham is happy with the way the newcomers have performed and shows the depth of the team in the absence of regular players. On Ross Taylor, Latham replied that he has been a huge servant to New Zealand cricket and not having his name on the scoresheet is going to be a different feeling. He further adds that he appreciates every time he has played with him and appreciates the longevity of his successful career. Says he loved being with the Dutch team and hopes that he will take many positives in the cricket summer.

It was a bit disappointing, says Dutch captain Peter Sealer, but New Zealand made the right move in the last game and the partnership between Guptill and Young was unbelievable. Mention that they wanted to test themselves at a higher level and the idea was to see how long they could stay in the game. He wants his team to be more adventurous. Shares that the second game was special for him when he took 5 quick wickets. On Stephen Mayberg’s knock, he calls it a vintage knock and is amazed by the way he signed. Shares that they will go straight to their summer and start preparing for future tasks. Thanks to the crowd for all the support. Live 

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