Which crypto to buy today for the short term


Giving thousands of millions or even millions of percent returns of crypto tokens from any new or unknown is no longer a thing of the past.  You must have also heard about many such tokens and coins.  Meanwhile, a crypto token is pushing to regain its luster.  But it is still far behind its all-time high.  But this token has given a return of billions of percent, not crores.  This is a unity coin.  Know the details of this coin.




Investors’ bat-bat =

According to data from Coinmarketcap, Ekta has given 2,893,266,376 percent returns in the last seven days till last evening.  This means that the token converted an investment of just Re 1 into Rs 2.98 crore.  This is strange and unbelievable.  Investors will also be uncomfortable to even thinking of such profits.  But this is the reality.

 What is unity which crypto to buy today for the short term?


For your information, let us tell you that according to the report of Economic Times, Unity is a blockchain that brings physical assets and communities on-chain and is moving towards its first public listing.  It has raised more than $5 million in seed funding and private sales.  Experts say that this is a special case for making profits to connect the physical world with the digital world.  It unlocks new economic opportunities for the people.



 What is the market cap which crypto to buy today for short-term


According to experts, you cannot sell most of such fast crypto at their high levels.  So they are usually programmed that way.  Experts advise people to stay away from such one-time miracles.  This token operates on a very small scale with a total market cap of less than $5 million.  However, a drop of 92 percent in volumes and a trade of just $2,250 does not bode well for the buyers.


 How many tokens are in supply which crypto to buy today for the short term


Let us say that Unity has 12,097,924 tokens in supply and the maximum supply is limited to 420,000,000 tokens.  This has been revealed in the data of Coinmarketcap.  Ekta’s mission is to promote the development of projects aimed at CleanTech, Wise Tech, Ocean Startup, Alternative Medicine, Permaculture, and Aquaponics.  Unity plans a larger Universe with an NFT marketplace and Unity Hybex, a Hybex (a hybrid exchange).  NFT and blockchain-based games are less vulnerable to the vagaries of global crypto trends, so Unity can take advantage of Play to Earn games and Defi.



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